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Accomplished Trial Lawyer

Experience and knowledge in a broad range of criminal and civil litigation

Founded in 1994, Cerulli, Massare & Lembke is a respected trial law firm in Western New York. Located in the historic Times Square Building on the western shore of the Genesee River, I represent clients not only in Rochester and Monroe County but in Buffalo and other parts of New York State.

I began my career in a busy general practice law office started by my grandfather, Dorando J. “Joe” Cerulli and his nephew (my cousin) Edward J. Massare. The firm had a large and diverse clientele. I practiced in a number of different areas of the law, including matrimonial and family law, bankruptcy, real estate, business law, wills and estates, workers’ compensation, landlord and tenant, plaintiffs’ personal injury, commercial litigation, and criminal defense, among others.

As a result, over my 23 years in practice, I have represented clients in a variety courts and administrative tribunals including: United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit; New York State Court of Appeals; New York State Supreme Court – Appellate Division; United States District Court; United States Bankruptcy Court; New York State Supreme, County, Family, Surrogate’s, and Justice Courts (town and village courts); United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (E.E.O.C.); New York agencies including the Division Human Rights, Division of Parole, Liquor Authority/Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Workers’ Compensation Board, Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (and ALJ hearings); Office of Children and Family Services (Child Protective Services proceedings), Traffic Violations Bureau, and others.

I have represented individuals and businesses under investigation by, or in dispute with, federal, state, and local government agencies including: The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.), Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.), Drug Enforcement Administration (D.E.A.); Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (A.T.F.), Treasury Department (and I.R.S.), Postal Service Inspector; Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (D.I.C.E.), Department of Homeland Security; New York State Police, Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, Department of Taxation and Finance, Department of Labor, Office of the Inspector General, Department of Environmental Conservation (D.E.C.); Monroe County Sheriff’s Office; Monroe County Department of Health and Human Services; Rochester Police Department; town and village police departments, and several others.


Criminal defense

As an established criminal defense lawyer, I have experience with felony, misdemeanor, DUI/DWI, and traffic violation cases. I have real trial experience in such a broad variety of criminal cases, there is likely no type of criminal case I am not able to handle.  There is no secret that top criminal defense lawyers get results for clients as a result of a bit of talent, and a lot of hard work.  When I take on a case, I do it with the idea that it will have to be decided at a trial by jury and I approach cases with this in mind from the moment a client gives me the privilege to represent them.  I take thorough history of my client and the case, enlist the assistance of investigators and experts when necessary, and begin a serious, thorough investigation of the facts and the law.  As the case progresses, I aim to be in constant communication with my clients about developments in the case, discussing how best to proceed, and providing my best, honest, no-nonsense advice.  When the case is one that suggests avoiding a trial, I try to obtain the most favorable resolution possible.  But when there cannot or will not be an agreement, and the case has to proceed to trial, then we will not hesitate defend your case before a jury with the sole focus of obtaining a complete acquittal.

Experienced advocate fights for compensation for injured parties

I represent individuals and companies in a number of different types of civil cases:

  • Federal & State Contract/Commercial Litigation — I have extensive experience representing clients bringing civil claims and clients defendant claims against them in both New York State and federal courts.  These cases including contract disputes, commercial landlord and tenant disputes, civil forfeiture actions, and others.  No matter the nature of the your claim or the claim against you, I would be privileged to meet with you to discuss your case.  If involves any area in which I am knowledgeable and experience, it will be happy to take on your case if given the opportunity.  If your case involves a subject for which I think you would be better served by a lawyer other than me, I will tell you that, and I will recommend a lawyer in that field if I am familiar with that lawyer and his or her ability.
  • Serious Personal Injury — If you have been seriously injured because of another person’s negligence, recklessness, or deliberate criminal act, you are entitled to recover full compensation for your losses. As an experienced personal injury attorney, I have represented people who have sustain life-changing injuries as a result of auto accidents, trucking accidents, and premises liability accidents. I also help families recover damages for the wrongful death of a loved one. My firm accepts injury cases on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no attorney fees until you recover damages by a settlement or a court verdict.

Contact an accomplished Rochester law firm for determined representation

If you are involved in a dispute or legal case in one of the areas in which I practice, please call me today at 585-454-3323 or contact my office online. My office at 45 Exchange Boulevard – the historic Times Square Building – in downtown Rochester.

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